Stojan na dřevo „Věž 150 rozdělená na třetiny“ (Bílá) s bočnicemi Nordic Cross

540,30 €

The elegant design of the basic stand is divided by two metal shelves into thirds.

This enables you to divide firewood into three separately drying sections – from my own experience if this rack is only used to store firewood, then I see this one as the most practical.



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Data sheet

Height150 cm
Width38 cm
Depth28 cm
ColourBílá, lesklá
Surface finishHigh quality powder-coated metal construction of the stand provides excellent impact and abrasion resistance when placing thelogs inside and while taking them out. The smooth surface of the paint is easy to clean.
MaterialProfil 30 x 30 mm, plechová polička: ocelový plech tl.1,5mm
Accessories Included2x tray: steel sheet

More info

In this stand we managed to solve the fundamental problem of having separate sections for firewood and also a place to keep fire starters.

If the container is not split into sections, you have to use up all the firewood before you bring fresh logs inside.

The main purpose of a firewood rack is to let the logs dry in your home therefore if you use up all your firewood from one section, you can fill it in again with the other section remaining intact.

However it is completely upto you whether you decide to use only two compartments for firewood and the third one for fire starters or decorative objects.