Stojan na dřevo „The X“

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This rack is the perfect combination of the firewood energy and the steel rack in the shape of an X. It is the prominent of any interior.



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Data sheet

Height150 cm
Width110 cm
Depth49 cm
ColourExclusive grey / anthracite blacksmith colour with graphite reflections used only for ‘The X’
Surface finishThis paint is applied in two layers, creating an attractive matte finish on the material. The paint contains elements which make the surfacestructured, roughgiving metallic reflections.
MaterialProfil 30 x 30 mm, lanko z nerezové oceli ø 5 mm, 4 kolečka o celkové nosnosti 200kg

More info

If you have a lobby or a living room with plenty of space you shouldn’t think twice. ’The X’ requires space to show off its uniqueness. This unique piece was designed and created while maintaining strict geometric requirements that all the firewood racks in our workshop have to fulfil. This piece, however, stood out from the entire collection and became our flagship. The metal profiles interconnected in the middle of create a storage space shaped both at the top and at the bottom of the rack an ‘X’. For optical illustration the full shape three stainless steel wires complete the outline around the perimeter and therefore visually transforms the ‘unfinished’ X shape into a rectangle harmonize the outline. For comfortable handling of the rack the interior is equipped with a flat rack with four wheels. Those are covered with a case that not only creates interesting platform under the rack but also hides the whole base of the rack, including the wheels.


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