Stojan na dřevo „Věž 95 s podtácem na nečistoty“

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The elegant design of the basic rack is supplemented by a tin tray at the bottom to collect the debris from the logs. The firewood rack was designed to correspond to the usual height of a stove or a fireplace and at the same time was able to store a reasonable amount of firewood.



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Data sheet

Height95 cm
Width38 cm
Depth28 cm
ColourBlack: Matt
Surface finishHigh quality powder-coated metal construction of the stand provides excellent impact and abrasion resistance when placing thelogs inside and while taking them out. The smooth surface of the paint is easy to clean.
MaterialStojan: ocelový profil 30 x 30 mm, podložka: ocelový plech
Accessories IncludedPlechový podtác na nečistoty

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Due to its height, this firewood rack is not only a design piece for your interior but it is also a practical and large storage space for drying firewood. If you do not use your fireplace very often it only means you will have plenty of dry firewood available for longer evenings by the fire. The elegant metal construction of the rack and its simple design brings up the full beauty of firewood. This vibe is transferred into the interior of the house and creates positive energy as well as a pleasant view of the burning, crackling fire. The steel rack was designed to invade most of the debris that comes from handling the logs. The tray can be easily vacuumed or wiped giving an advantage to this version of the rack. The tray makes the cleaning around and under the rack much more comfortable. The pad is designed in such way that despite the emphasis on its functionality, it fits into the design concept of the rack and supports the overall impression of the product.


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